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This page contains a record of what the Conservative Party had to say in response to the MP Misconduct that had been reported to them by the Constituent in the MP Case Study.

Reading the MP Case Study is a prerequisite to understanding the content on this page.

From: [Constituent]

To: <complaints@conservatives.com>

Date: 8 January 2021, 18:57

Subject: Formal Complaint against [IMPN] & their staff (Their Ref: PN1984)

Dear Conservative Party

My name is [Constituent], I write to register a formal Complaint against [IMPN], MP for [Local Area Name] (& their team).  

I allege that in their handling of my PN1984 submissions, [IMPN] and their team have acted in a manner that goes against the Seven Principles of Public Life established by Lord Nolan and the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

Measured against those standards, my MP is failing dismally. An easy one is on the score of honesty. My MP is clearly being dishonest. He breaks the Code of Conduct in other ways besides. (and where is the courtesy in failing to write back to a Constituent who writes to you? Writing back is a common courtesy. If you are a Public Official, it is a necessity. Public Officials have a fiduciary duty to serve members of the public!)

Among the Principles of Public Life: Objectivity, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership; have clearly been breached.

Is what is exhibited in those PN1984 emails the kind of behaviour that Members of the Public are to expect when they vote Conservative?

If it is only me that the MP did this kind of case handling to, then, I am being discriminated against.

Where there is a working relationship, there is a contract. Whether express or implied, a contract is a contract — and contracts come with contractual obligations. (The simple contract being that the voting public give the MP their power on the condition that the MP represents and acts for ALL their constituents, without discrimination. The MP cannot pick-and-choose who to represent, they are contracted to act on the concerns of ALL their individual constituents. Any concern that is brought to them must be acted upon). [IMPN] is failing to fulfil their end of the bargain.

My MP’s behaviour is wrong on many many levels. Please investigate this.

If the Police are going to ignore when the laws created by Parliament are breached, the MP sees what they are doing, does nothing to request them to uphold and enforce the law, choosing rather to go on record as having been helping the Police in their (misfeasance/nonfeasance?) efforts… Where is Rule of Law?

May you please process this submission according to your complaints process that is published here:


My reading of [the MP’s] handling of the PN1984 concern (that is detailed in the attached 31-page document of PN1984 emails), is that [IMPN] possibly has a conflict-of-interest that they have failed to declare. The alternative to that is to say that [IMPN] has some serious comprehension problems that are negatively affecting their performance of their duties?

Please investigate.

I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.

Yours Sincerely



From: <complaints@conservatives.com>

To: [Constituent]

Date: 2 March 2021, 09:38

Subject: Formal Complaint against [IMPN] & their staff (Their Ref: PN1984)


Private and Confidential


Dear Mr [Constituent],


I refer to your email dated 8th January 2021, in which you complain about [IMPN] MP. This matter falls under the Party’s Code of Conduct for Conservative Party Representatives 2017 (“the Code”). It is available on our website at www.conservatives.com/codeofconduct. I am the Investigating Officer under the Code.


My role 


My role is to investigate your complaint thoroughly, impartially and objectively, in accordance with the Code. It is not my role to take sides, or to help you build up a complaint, or to gather evidence on your behalf. By the same reasoning it is my same role to do the same for the respondent.


I investigate alleged breaches of the Code. I do not investigate crimes, which only the police should do. I do not prosecute and am not involved in final judgement. However, it is within my power to dismiss a complaint which is obviously trivial and/or lacking merit and/or cannot be fairly investigated or cannot be investigated at all.


My decision 

As I’m sure you can appreciate, it is not the role of the Investigating Officer or indeed the Code of Conduct to interfere in the way democratically-elected Members of Parliament chooses to represent his or her constituents. The Code of Conduct states: “In no way should anything in this Code interfere with an elected representative carrying out his or her duties and exercising his or her judgement in relation to his or her work…” That should not be seen as endorsement of the way in which a representative does exercise his or her judgement, only as a statement of the limitations of the Code. The complaint is dismissed.


Yours sincerely,

Investigating Officer



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