Royal Mail Fraud

It was reported some time back that Royal Mail was failing to keep records of the money they make from auctioning off unclaimed postal items. Does anyone know whether the practice has changed since then?


A recent Case Study on Royal Mail malpractice has come to light, and… it’s not a nice picture.

Given that Royal Mail cannot be trusted to tell the truth, how do we even know that the amounts that they said they were raking in from the yearly auctions are anywhere close to the amounts they were really making? And why were they failing to keep records even then?

Due to being the Designated Universal Postal Service Provider, Royal Mail have limited liability (this applies only if they are acting in the course of their official duties). Read the experience of this customer here to see what I mean (goods of his worth £150 got lost in the post due to a Royal Mail fault, and all he got awarded was £30 due to the limited liability. Even that £30 didn’t come easy). The sad part of it is that he came out of the whole experience declaring “I won!”

If (as Royal Mail say in the recent Case Study that is published here), if what to them counts as “delivered correctly as addressed”, is delivering to a known GPS location that is not the address of the intended recipient, a location that they absolutely refuse to disclose to their Sender Customer on request… are those goods that they are auctioning off really lost?

(Let’s not forget that at this present moment it does not look like we have any way of knowing just how much money Royal Mail is actually making through this scheme.)

Why is noone being taken to task over this sham please?

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