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Thank you for your interest in my ebook.

Not in Service is being made available as a non-interactive PDF. Other formats (interactive PDF, fixed layout ePUB and reflowable ePUB), are being offered as a plus in an effort to enhance your reading experience. While painstaking effort has gone into preparing the other formats, Sufficient Productions accepts no liability for the odd hyperlink issues or footnote issues that may be encountered when using the interactive PDF and reflowable ePUB formats of the ebook.

The available files are listed below:

PDF interactive [21MB] * Not-in-Service PDF eBook (interactive)

PDF non-interactive [10MB] * Not-in-Service PDF eBook (non-interactive)

ePUB fixed layout [27MB] * Not-in-Service ePUB Book (fixed layout)

ePUB reflowable [17MB] * – There are five options to choose from here –

                A reflowable ePUB is a file format that adjusts the text and image sizes to suit different screen sizes. Made well (subject to taste of course), reflowable ePUBs make for an optimum reading experience when using a mobile device.

                There are 5 reflowable ePUB documents to choose from depending on the ePUB reader you have (ePUB version 2.0.1 or version 3.0) and on your preferences when it comes to footnotes – do you want them appearing immediately after paragraph, as endnotes or simply as pop-ups. Please note that ePUB 2.0 does not allow for footnotes to be viewed as popups.

                [A] Not-in-Service reflowable ePUB 2.0.1 (footnotes after para) *has footnotes appearing immediately after paragraph.

                [B] Not-in-Service reflowable ePUB 2.0.1 (footnotes as endnotes) * has footnotes appearing as endnotes.

                [C] Not-in-Service reflowable ePUB 3.0 (footnotes after para) * has footnotes after paragraph AND as pop-ups.

                [D] Not-in-Service reflowable ePUB 3.0 (footnotes as endnotes) * has footnotes as endnotes AND as pop-ups.

                [E] Not-in-Service reflowable ePUB 3.0 (footnotes as popups) * has footnotes as popups only.

If you want to take a peek inside the book, a copy of the book’s Table of Contents is available here. Table of Contents from Not-in-Service

Appendix 1 from Not in Service is being made available as a separate document here: Appendix 1 from Not-in-Service

I’m rather slow to move on with the latest trends so my ebook reading experience is mostly confined to PDF. Interactive PDF is about as far as I get (hencewhy I am offering no guarantees as I share my diligent ePUB preparations).

Like I mentioned earlier, footnotes only appear as a pop-up if your device supports ePUB 3.0: If you don’t want the book’s footnotes appearing only after the paragraph (to disrupt the flow of your reading) or only as endnotes (making for a fiddly reading experience), you may want to get yourself an eBook reader that is compatible with ePUB 3.0.

I personally am not bothered by having footnotes appear after paragraph, so for me option [A] would be sufficient. So overall, for an unobtrusive reading experience, I would recommend option [D] because that way you have the footnotes nicely tucked away as popups while still having the endnotes as a fall-back when the odd footnote fails to pop-up.

For those new to ePUBs like me, please be informed that you can view ePUB documents directly in your web browser. Using a browser extension/App like, for example, Readium (on Google Chrome) helps your browser layout your ePUB in the format intended by the ebook’s publisher. For a full list of free readers and applications that support ePUB 3.0, please visit http://twhite.me/epub3readers

Hands down, nothing beats a good old paperback. Funds permitting, I expect to have paperback copies (in Black and White) available for distribution to the UK customer base sometime towards the end of August 2019.

If you have a proposal for a warehousing and distribution arrangement for my paperback copies please contact me on sufficientproductions@gmail.com

Enjoy your reading!

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