Citizen's Questions

“We have been meeting our targets, give us accolades please!”

This citizen has questions:

  1. What targets are we talking about? (Does the UK Government know that these targets are people?)
  2. How have these targets been being met? (What exactly does ‘meeting a target’ mean?)
  3. The government’s definition of success has them classifying this graph as a picture to proudly display. They think that this track record qualifies them to assume the role of dictating the nation’s education curriculum and usurp the age-old parental responsibility. Who really is in need of monitoring?
  4. If the families and children that make up these statistics ‘got what they deserved’, what are we to make of the government’s plans to give children “the education that they deserve”? How can we justify countenancing pieces of legislation like the Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill or the possibility of mandating a Register of Children not in School. How can we justify spending public funds on an ‘Inquiry’ over proposals to subject parents to the very Local Authorities responsible for such carnage? Planned obsolescence… in Social Care!

I would think that we need a Public Consultation to investigate questions like

  1. When this ‘planned obsolescence’ actually started,
  2. Why these children and families were targeted, and
  3. Where OFSTED was when these atrocious crimes were being committed.
  4. Why is noone tripping over themselves to conduct a Public Inquiry into that bar graph Control Chart?

This is Right DisHonourable behaviour!

And it’s about to get worse…

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**  Child-in-Need yearly data figures were obtained from a Crown Copyright publication released by the UK Government on the 2nd of November 2017. The document is entitled SFR 61/2017.

“This statistical first release (SFR) provides the latest information on the number of referrals to children’s social care, assessments carried out upon those children and whether the child became the subject of a child protection plan. All the figures included in this SFR are taken from the children in need census. The DfE has been collecting the children in need census from local authorities for the full 12 month period since 2009-10.”

Reference: [SFR 61/2017]      Crown copyright 2017

SFR61/2017 is available online at

The 2018 Report was released on 25th October 2018 and is available online at

Master list of Children’s Social Care statistical reports available online at

SFR 61/2017 (the 2016/2017 report) and the 2017/2018 report are published under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0. Exceptions to this licence are indicated in the respective reports.

** Register of children not in school (RCNIS).

In a 2nd April 2019 press release, the UK’s Secretary of State for Education published a proposal wherein the government seeks to grant even more power to Local Authorities as he further abstracts the parent-child bond by subjecting home educating families to Local Authorities’ monitoring and control.

Please note that the article says “the education they deserve“, not the education they need. Are you sure you know what it is that the government has determined that your children deserve? Think about it.

** The comments section under this article has some useful and interesting arguments against introducing the proposed legislation.

** The full Statistical Report from which I copied the statistical analysis I comment on above can be found in the document below entitled ‘Appendix 1’.

Appendix 1 from Not-in-Service

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